Flaine Chalet

Renovation of a chalet in Flaine: Savoyard tranquility

Mountain sports lovers, Chloé and Charles dreamed of a chalet, as a second home to welcome their family and friends during their holidays. They also wanted to combine the pleasant with the useful by doing seasonal rentals.

It was in the Hameau de Flaine that they found their happiness. These are pretty chalets in the Scandinavian style, scattered, quiet and surrounded by nature, a few meters from the start of the slopes of the Grand Massif area.

The terrace with a view of the estate was a hit.

A refresh was necessary to bring this pretty chalet to their tastes immediately without embarking on a major renovation. Chloe and Charles met Maison Courty by chance during a dinner. The specifications were simple, but we had to be effective before the first seasonal rental season.

Maison Courty defined the specifications by prioritizing the necessary actions (“quickwins”), then the secondary actions and the “nice-to-haves”. Virginie imposed a quick makeover to review the layout and furniture in the living room. The latter has been restructured. The furniture has been partially removed or modernized.

During a flea market and the Salon Maison & Objets, Chloé and Maison Courty chose furniture with good value for money. The installation of the Isidore Leroy Nunavut panoramic and a custom-made media cabinet were the only “big” jobs in the living room.

This new decoration allowed them to have attractive photos for their rental ad. Since then, the tenants have left positive opinions following their stay and the decoration is no longer a blocking point.

You can enjoy this haven of peace by clicking on the button below.

Après_salle a manger
Salle de bain_après
Chalet Flaine – Vue extérieure
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