A family legacy

Find out more about my background, my career and my skills. It is a passion passed down from generation to generation. Concretely, this passion translates into a kind of integrated scan: when I enter a new place, I identify in a few minutes all the little things that do not have their place and those that could be magnified. My friends are talking about a donation. #Modesty. I'm talking about skill.

Parcours, carrière, compétences. début.

Later, my parents directed me towards Cartesian and generalist studies, instead of my initial choice: The Louvre School.


For more than 15 years, in consulting firms, I managed strategy and organization projects for unicorns and CAC40 companies.

Creativity applied to Microsoft media and was limited to the ambition of the client.


Alongside my career in consulting, I have always had 2 building sites in renovation / decoration per year, continued to travel Maison & Objet every semester, followed by training related-interior architecture- in evening classes, like the Ecole du Louvre, learn to draw plans on tracing paper…

Bringing my skills closer to my passion is obvious, especially when my grandmother told me: “if some without your taste succeed, why not you? ” and “all parts unfinished, there is so much work”.
Few places age like fine wine.

Since my last experience, I have enriched my skills thanks to trainings.
I have also acquired experience in working at Clément et Clémence Goutal, where I had the opportunity to contribute to the realization of exceptional projects!

Today, my construction sites fill my days. I love getting up in the morning. My conversion is the best decision.

A project of renovation decoration or just a gift for a loved one?

Parcours, carrière, compétences. fin.

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