Family Apartment

Vincennes Seventies inspiration

The complete renovation of a 3-bedroom apartment in a building from the 70s, here is the objective of Virginie.
Their granddaughters are growing up, so Margaux and Victor have decided to look for an apartment with an additional bedroom and bathroom. Tired of visiting badly renovated apartments, Margaux and Victor preferred to choose an apartment to be completely renovated. They find in a residence of the 70s, an apartment on a high floor, bathed in light. For this project, they call on Maison Courty, a must in Vincennes, which offers them to carry out site monitoring in order to move in in less than 4 months.
However, this property had not had any work since its construction in 1978. Therefore, the circulation in the apartment had to be redesigned. The electricity had to be brought up to standard. The kitchen-laundry room has been transformed into a laundry room. It is now next to the dining room.


In order to contrast with the aging common areas, the dark entrance was intensified by a marquetry on paper. It comes from a combination of wood and flat surfaces, as well as straight parallelepipeds in contrasting colors, created by Arte. This marquetry of excellence that creates an impressive feeling of depth. In addition, a Napoleon III piece of furniture has regained its function and adds an original style of marquetry. In this entrance, the cupboard doors have been aligned with the access door to the sleeping area to create the illusion and conceal this space.

The living room

In the living room and the dining room, the inspiration of the 70s can be found in the mottled furniture and the seventies curves: a sofa reupholstered in a Nobilis fabric, a backlit coffee table, white aluminum shelves, Herman, designed by Georges Nelson, a glass table on brass trestles, “wave” curtains by Thevenon 1908 … Electrical equipment Modelec are narrow and match the bay windows. The sawn black parquet floor allows you to play on the low ceiling height, which is 250 cm. A wall of paintings is framed with a black frame to link the entire collection and the floor.

The Kitchen

Drawing on its experience in apartment renovation, Maison Courty has designed and optimized the 6m² kitchen in order to bring it closer to the dining room. The Bora made it possible to integrate the hood into a drawer unit. It is clad in genuine brushed champagne-coloured metallic leaves and a brown worktop cohiba, an industrial tile by Land porcelanico.

The rooms

On the night side, color and holiday memories punctuate the rooms. Plants appear in the hallway with a repetitive wallpaper by Antoinette Poisson then in the dressing room with a floral wall hanging. Each room has its own style and a welcoming off-white carpet. Margaux and Victor have imposed a wall hanging in blue fabric on the wall with coordinated curtains and bed frame. The bedrooms being lengthwise, Maison Courty had to play tricks to break this length.

The eldest bedroom has large repeating patterns Room Blush Florine and a contrast with a color Farrow & Ball cinder rose, with cotton gauze curtains, stone door knobs byAnthropologie.
Still in pink, the youngest bedroom has sky blue velvet curtains and a wall of Grand Siècle wallpaper, pattern Ruban Terracotta.


Regarding the laundry room, it was covered with a terrazzo crème d’Italie and painted Farrow & Ball Calamine. A family piece of furniture has been transformed into a washbasin cabinet. All the fittings come from Ramon Soler.
As for the master bathroom with Balinese inspirations, it has green tones with a Shanghai KitKat stick mosaic, underlined by a transparent epoxy joint, Bali stone on the floor Mainzu and wooden furniture Leroy Merlin oak veneer.
Maison Courty created the black and white layout of the guest toilets in coherence with the reception part of the apartment, inspired by a carpet outline of Claude Cartier.

Margaux and Victor are delighted to have trusted Maison Courty for the renovation of their apartment.

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